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Networked objects

March 06, 2006

This is the class that I was going to take but dropped because of my health problems back in the time. I ordered my xport yesterday, I am excited :) Also I was on the floor today, playing with my arduino board and basically trying to make it work. In the end it wasn’t working but I was still happy because it just gave me a break from only-coding world. Also the news is Sparkfun starts to sell those and they cost only 30 bucks! Rob told me their ability is kind of restricted though, I might hook myself up another board and play with it in the summer since the program thinks to give the pcomp class with arduino’s next semester.

Apart from that, the flash news is, yes I have ordered an xport and thinking to do a a project where network involves for the end of semester. I really want to get my hands dirty with physical networks.

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