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Lipp project updates

March 06, 2006

We have ordered bunch of 880nm IR leds from super bright LEDs. Also I have come up with this useful information from the jitter list. Our webcam’s sensitivity could be dropped to 10-15% when it is sensing 880nm comparing to sensivity at visible wavelengths. We will see what we can do with our iSight.

Someone on the list suggested illuminating the scene with lots of tungsten lights with many layers of deep red gels. Actually Mark helped me suggesting some different gels for this: Roscolux Colors #19 x 2 (two sheets) #83 (one sheet) #90 (one sheet)
and then putting a Lee #87 filter in front of the camera with nightshot mode. Someone on the list also suggested using a ex-view chipped camera which is very useful for IR lights.Sony had one here. Those informations can be useful in the future.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter