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Reading software&art by Reas

September 22, 2005

Basically I really like the idea of interpreting what the artist has built and doing something towards over our interpretations, thus creating our own implementations, technically comments. I have learned that this has been started in music by Stockhausten, he was not only re-playing the notes, he was re-playing the structure of the piece and create a new piece unlike like traditional music.

Umberto Eco’s words at Open Works; shows those;

A number of recent pieces of instrumental music are linked by a common feature: the considerable autonomy left to the individual performer in the way he chooses to play the work. Thus, he is not merely free to interpret the composer’s instructions following his own discretion (which in fact happens in traditional music), but he must impose his judgement on the form of the piece. s;

More thoughts of Reas can be read here :

A benefit of working with software structures instead of programming languages is that it places the work outside the current technological framework, which is continually becoming obsolete. Because a software structure is independent from a specific technology, it is possible to continually create manifestations of any software structure with current technology to avoid retrograde associations.

My only drawback would be what exactly is a software structure if we think in terms of expression.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter