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First Pic Program

September 21, 2005

Great, I could program my first pic without any problems. Here is what I built below.

DSC05249 DSC05252

I used 4mhz crystal clock with 22pF capacitors to bang my chip which is programmed to get its portD.2 to get high and low between 500ms intervals. Secondly I added a switch to my circuit too setting one of the pins (portB.7 maybe) to input. I am still not clear with this input output thing. I am going to ask it to Tom tomorrow at class.

Whatever it feels great. You should have seen me when I made the blinking light work. I was so happy!

Now I should definitely brainstorm of what I can build with this. Lately I have been thinking to implement something using both networks and physical environment. Something that is getting some input from the web and giving some output pyhsically.

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