quote:"-data is everywhere. information?"

scenario 1: user just goes in the room, he sees the screen full of data from various web sources that look meaningless to him. Once he is in the range of the sensing camera, he sees himself inside the screen as a silhouette covered with these information flow. According to his moves, the data becomes something more "meaningful" for him. I am looking for ways to get certain inputs from the user and/or how to create this "meaningful" information.

scenario 2: the information on the screen is related to physical character of the user. The sensing mechanism calculates height, the shape of the body, the colours of the user's clothes, brands and spits information according to this. advertising? Is this really what user wants? What would be our reaction to a strange machine inspecting us and our privacy, while everyday we are being inspected with eyes of everyone that surrounded us.

scenario 3: the information sources could be constrained. classified(bloody news, happy news). certain mappings. Red shirt you wear brings wikipedia entry about red shirt etc. getting cues from the audience and spit information according to that. What kind of information, historical, geographical, biological, horoscope?

idea : we are surrounded with lots of data that is meaningless to us. Is there a way to make this data more meaningful for us? Do we want this data to be more meaningful? What kind of data is more attracting to us than others? Is there anyway to reveal certain patterns in user behaviors that gives cues about information they are looking for? Could these patterns improve the quality of the information sources over time?