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Google Drive as OCamlFuse

February 05, 2024


I have my obsidian files on my google drive. I would like to have a google drive application that runs on my debian system that I can access these files from.


google drive ocamlfuse github link

1- Install opam package manager.

bash -c "sh <(curl -fsSL"

2- Make sure to use OCaml 4.14.1

opam switch create OCaml4 4.14.1

3- Make sure to pull the 0.7.30 opam pin google-drive-ocamlfuse 0.7.30

4- Run the following command with your directory created for googledrive.

mkdir -vp ~/GoogleDrive
chown -R $USER ~/GoogleDrive/
google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/GoogleDrive

If you want to automount it at boot, follow the instructions in this url.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter