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Making Vim More Useful

October 13, 2013

To make vim more useful and act like bit like emacs, it’s possible to install this plugin called tslime.vim. I have tried official slime but unfortunately that created a lot of problems with tmux. This is the only fork that worked on multiple windows multiple panes setup. Once installed (I use pathogen to install it but you can use whatever you want) you can use to teleport the code to the node that’s running in another pane. It’s quite useful.

Another useful plugin is YouCompleteMe and ultisnips. Unfortunately it’s not seamless but it definitely gets the job done. It allows you to choose the dropdown snippets and allow you to choose those using and then going forward/back using and in the placeholder variables. There’s an issue that’s stated on the github that promises to fix the problem but unfortunately it doesn’t work for vim that runs in the terminal. For it to work probably one needs macvim.

Tern for vim is another useful pluging for doing javascript in vim. For me beside the killer feature is to allow me to jump to defition of functions. Follow the installation instructions and then whenever cursor is on a variable or a property TernDef takes you there. I have just started using it so, at this point scratching the surface. Another handy vim command c o and c i allows to go jumpback to old cursor positions if one wants to go back.

These are all useful additions to vim workspace.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter