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5 Courts

January 03, 2007

A revolutionary multi-player, multi-site game and arts space to be played across all five cities. Players use their own bodies to send balls of projected light across the playing space, aiming for goals representing the other cities. Entirely interactive, it’s a competition to see which city has the least light balls in their square when the time runs out. Designed to be aesthetically beautiful and great fun to play and watch, games are a minute long and run throughout the night. Just turn up and play, or get your team together in advance…

Link for the site.
Here is a google video of how people are playing it . It follows very basic rules and intuitive in that sense. 5 Courts was conceived, designed and programmed by digital media artists KMA (Kit Monkman & Tom Wexler).

Why do I blog this?
I think this piece is kind of important because of several points. First, it puts the user in its center and this is not only personal interaction, it becomes a collective set of action rules with opponents in other cities with the basic nature of the game. So the fun gets multiplied. Second, it uses cities as “castles” which might fit as a good example of urban computing application.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter