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Summer plans

May 10, 2006

I am going back to Istanbul at the end of this month, I am going to try to stay away from all this technology hype while I am there. I want to keep my head rested for one month hopefully. In the long run for the summer, I am thinking to play with different things that I have collected from streets (Scanner, basic p2 controller) using Arduino. Arduino is a very good environment for playing and since it is programmable on macs pretty easily it can be a boost in developing one’s skills. Also I have plans to learn C and C++ as a preparation for the fall class I am taking pixel by pixel. I have found great opencourse site from Berkeley WebCast. For a development IDE I am thinking Xcode that comes with Apple. So to learn it is in my plans too. Thus, I must study Zachary Lieberman’s eating video workshop beforehand and hopefully get quite comfortable playing with pixels. Also right now I am trying to learn basics of a relational database. To build a site using this knowledge might be quite a good practice over the term.
Let’s make a list:

  • Start Learning C/C++ in Xcode. Watch the courses from Berkeley.
  • Play with Arduino using Scanner and Controller (building a game can be good exercise).
  • Do Lieberman’s Video Workshop. Get comfortable with playing pixels in processing until fall.

Those are what I can think right now. I might add more in the future. But now I am going to be lazy for a while!

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter