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April 18, 2006

It is here. It is online in P3D mode, it is looking kind of jagged but whatever. Here is the applet. Beware though, it is 800kb, and crashes once in a while… It has been a great experience for me. What did I learn?

  • I truly understood how it is hard to maintain a large scale project.
  • I have the most fun using OOP and improving my skills to the max.
  • I grasped the concepts of data mining and web crawling in Java better than past.
  • Now I feel much more comfortable using Eclipse with Processing applications.

source codeis downloadable and running on a local computer would be much more reliable than running this on an applet. I am not sure but it is just not loading from google on a web browser…

I haven’t touch to video part yet as I have another project to finish in one week. (Nature of Code). I can continue this exercise over the summer. It can be a good one thinking I haven’t touch any pixel reading or displaying concept in Java. (Liebermann’s workshop is still waiting for me).

Overall I can say that this class and Daniel Shiffman’s instructing was much of a help for me developing my coding skills throughout the semester, I feel myself lucky taking a class from him.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter