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Programming from A2Z final progress

October 12, 2005

The idea I mentioned in the previous post has evolved into something else. Actually I am still sensing the user’s color values through a camera but instead of using this data with flickr I am sending queries to the google by changing the values into color names and adding some arbitrary words afterwards. “red color symbolizes” is one example. For the first part of the project which is going to be until final, I am hoping to finish this.

I am still researching text based projects over the net. I have come up with a guy named Peter Cho and it looks like he did incredible projects with text. I want to list ones I liked the most:

Letterscapes is a comment on letters. Very perfectly solved isometric angle fits great with the animations.

I am really curious about his thesis, and expressive dimensional typography overall. I am hoping to read it when I find sometime (hopefully after show).
Actually I have found out he did a similar project called Money Plus, while he is in UCLA, he is sending queries to google and searching words that are coming from users plus money. He is displaying them on a screen.

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