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Computer Vision related Processing applications

April 01, 2006

I have been keeping those in my browser for a while now. Better to keep them here instead of there. Those might be helpful for what I am thinking to do for my final of Programming from A to Z. I am thinking to use video sensing at this point, but we’ll see.

This comes from all the way from Japan: Computer Vision with Proce55ing. I haven’t checked out the applets in details, but the names seem quite explanatory. There are bunch of stuff here from temporal differencing to background subtraction from clustering to pixel analysis. sample apps: Those examples are not necessarily related to CV but there are some samples that are using video. Also I am always curious what people are doing other side of the globe, so I am happy to find these. The links are mostly gathered from and Takashi Maekawa!

KrazyDad’s page has some nice processing examples as well.

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