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Iterated Function Systems and Cellular Automata

March 15, 2006

Post regarding following Cellular Automata and Fractals week we had in Nature of Code.

Iterated function systems or IFS, are a kind of fractal that was conceived in its present form by John Hutchinson in 1981 and popularized by Michael Barnsley’s book Fractals Everywhere.

Iterated Function Systems
Classic Iterated Function Systems, a link on different fractals and explanation of those.

This educational domain page has a little bit more mathematical explanation of Directed-Graph Iterated Function Systems.
Another IFS link. That examples are more natural, just creating ferns and stuff. Finally some 3d implementations.
This sitecalls itself the best source about fractals on the net. Also Wolfram has a nice introduction about how CA works in 1d and 2d.

And at last but not the least this page is about diffusion-limited Aggretation. To be honest I don’t remember why I kept this page at the time. it should be related to Fractals probably.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter