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Couple of notes and readings

March 01, 2006

Let’s see. What I have been doing, I have been messing around with code so much, lately I have found a great class notes from Jeffrey Traer’s Introduction to CS class from princeton. There is nice examples of Euler Step in the examples which make me grasp it better. Actually Daniel Shiffman was right, we are doing Euler in our examples as well, only without adding a timestep. Maybe it is supposed to take this long for me to understand. I want to implement springs/nodes into a2z midterm.

So this was one thing, another is I need to think about how I can use the information of tags and links in a more meaningful way in terms of visualization rather than displaying information.

John Doyle is giving a talk in Berkeley Toyota Distinguished Lecture Series on March 10, I need to check this out later, I am sure it is going to be fun. I have read a great paper from Julian Bleecker named “why things matter?” Nicolas from Pasta and Vinegar mentioned about this after the conference of lift06.

The short of long is, ( I think I mentioned abou this before, because it really draws my attention) we need more things(spimes) that need to be around us which is going to have blogging capabilities. That means, they can feedback the network and this information could be used in our daily lifes,simply it is just as we check the weather from the internet everyday. But add this a mobile ability and realtime feedback and maybe more ubiqutiousity.

I find two things, use of biology as a model and using networks, really important for our near future applications that we are going to build in order to make our lives smoother. The biggest challenge to this could be the mass of information which makes sooo much noise.

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