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LIPP&NIME collaboration

February 17, 2006

Following Josh’s great idea of collaborating for the end semester show at Tonic, I am keeping the sources that I have found which could be beneficial in terms of think-tank. I was reading Joseph Paradiso’s paperElectronic Music Interfaces, and he is pointing out good ideas approaching how to build a electronic musical interface.

I think the question we have to ask to ourselves is before starting any production, how I am going to approach to it. Is it going to be an extension for a current acoustic instrument,or is it going to be a total new interface? Personally I am kind of curious about two things currently. Using slit-scanning as a real time composition tool and using brainwaves to perform and compose.

I have found couple of good papers around those subjects:
Computer Music Research page of Plymouth University, UK
Interfacing the Brain Directly with Musical Systems: On developing systems for making music with brain signals
Tactile Composition Systems for Collaborative Free Sound
An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks by Golan Levin.

Those could be a good start for inspiration.-

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