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Week 3 Attraction slowness

February 06, 2006

Yeah, I was playing with processing and the examples Shiffman posted for this week’s assignment and I was able to transform the examples he gave into 3d, but it was a bad experience, because I really didn’t like the performance at this point. Check this two examples out. // edit: I changed the sphere to box and now it is way faster, it turned out that I forgot how processor intensitive a sphere was.

Here is 2d version of the attraction array, there is this center attractor attracts every element, and those element attract each other too, kinda looks like our solar system but more screwed :)

Here is the 3d version of it. It is too slow unfortunately. // edit, I changed the object to box and now it is way faster.

Btw, I have found some nice links about Forces, especially I am kind of curious about N-Body/ Particle simulation methods, I cannot say I understand it right now, but I came accross to it digging different forces other than we have known. Also Magnetic field forces is another subject I am interested.

More to come about these subject.

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