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January 27, 2006

Again one of the nights that I am lost in the infinite world of world wide web jumping from that source to another. Actually I have discovered really interesting stuff.
I am trying to remember how it all started.. I have found this article about Electronic Music In Turkey after I saw the name Bulent Arel who was one the founders of Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center and was curious if he was Turkish, which turned out to be he was and tried to do couple of stuff back in the day.

The other thing and maybe the most valuable one is this blog of Trond Lossius who is a sound and installation artist living in Bergen, Norway. It is one of the deepest source that I have come across in a long time. Especially for a newbie like me who wants to educate himself in spatialisation and sound installations. So I am really curious about discovering new concepts in this sense, one of which is Ambisonic Sound I still haven’t quited visualized on my mind. This is Trond’s post about it which he collected from SurSound mailing list.

Also another thing that I was steered through his posts is this software environment called which is if I quote from the site : is an interactive network performance environment invented and developed by composer and computer musician Georg Hajdu. It enables up to five performers to play music over the Internet under the control of a “conductor.”

I believe it could be a good source for the final project in LIPP, I am thinking about a multi-user video composing environment with sound where different performers perform according to the score they have. I must dig this later, especially I am curious about Cage’s latest works called 5, where he uses time-frame in the same score.

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter