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Digital Audio Synthesis Techniques/MIDI

January 25, 2006

This semester Daniel Palkowski is instructing this class and I am in. Here is the syllabus for the class. In the first class we listened different pieces from different composers. The album was Early Modulations, Vintage Volts . We saw the differences between approach of composers to the electronic music, for example Morton Subotnick was leaning towards sequencing as opposed to what electro-acoustic of the time does with the sound. !!!Art Krieger!!! is one example and he seems like not enjoying what Morton does back in the time. It is interesting I couldn’t find any information mentioning this guy, probably I am writing his name wrong.

Some of the early electronic devices are:
20’s Theramin (live) Bernard Herman
20’s Vacuum tube
30’s Wire(Tape) Recorder ’ magnetic tape ’
40’s EMC
60’s Synths like MOOG, ARP, BUCHLA, and
70’s Modular Synth

Actually I have found this nice link about the electronic music timeline through EMF Institute
Then we cover the basics of pitch, octave oscillation and concepts like what is a synth made of. It looks like an oscillator and filter and envelope generator is enough to make a synth. I am going to cover the titles in detail in the upcoming days.

So that is more or less what we cover in the first class.

~I am going to double check the names soon.~

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter