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Second Semester begins.

January 19, 2006

The school bells are ringing again, well at least it was when I was in high school :) So I made huge changes in my schedule, big decision was postpone taking Networked Objects and leaning towards taking Shiffman’s second class. The reasons were two-sided. First I don’t feel like to have the physical energy to take this class[networked objects] b/c of my surgery. It was a hard decision to make, but I think treating myself better should be my first goal for a while. Second reason was the introduction class of Programming from A to Z. Simply the excitement of Shiffman himself plus the quality of the class made me select this class. Honestly, I got more excited about this class than nature of code for now.

Two other classes that I am taking but haven’t meet are Live Image Processing and Digital Sound Library / Midi. Those are strongly based on Max/Msp/Jitter. I can say that I am taking for computational class this semester and I need to find projects to implement what I learn in these courses, otherwise I am not going to be satisfied.

Time will show.

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