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I am alive

January 07, 2006

Yeah, after a peptic ulcer surgery and staying at the hospital for 6 days I am home and still trying to recover. Yeah once again I realized that there is nothing important than health even when you forget it, it doesn’t forget you and feedback at some point.

So I am getting better and better everyday, another phenomenon is, how we, living organisms can heal so quickly. it is really unbelievable.

By the time I came back home I started reading my new goodies, Mathematics and Physics for Programmers[ Daniel Shiffman mentioned me about this book which turned out to be the book that I have been looking for ages] and First Head Java [Daniel O’Sullivan suggested this one and I normally don’t like these kinds of books but it is still a basic Java book and I learned a lot from it in a few days]
and I started digging MaxMsp tutorials reading Essential Computer Music which I got from the library.
I am going to list the books below with their urls so maybe that could come handy in the future.

I also came up with names that I really would like to write down not to forget them but it seems they are already out of my mind *sigh*. I hope to come across to them in the near future.

Mathematics and Physics for Programmers (Game Development Series) by Danny Kodicek

Essentials of Music Technology ’ by Mark Ballora

The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems, and Adaptation

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