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Winter break

December 18, 2005

Phew. The fall term is over. Time to chill out and gather new ideas from everywhere!

’ I have come up with this example of using light and presentation in a different way which fakes the human perception of ourselves. Morphovision is a device in a window which is spinning so fast according to user commands that the user perceives it as it changes it shape! Actually I really like the idea, since so much can be done with that, lying to our perceptions.

-Creating power from user interaction. Could this be done? I am sick of using 12v adapters or 9v batteries to produce power. I want transform-able solutions!

-Interactive dart, or maybe some kind of game where users use realtime object to throw to the projection and get some feedback according to this.

NYU Media Lab.

Actually I am wondering why we are not informed that there is a lab like here in NYU, next block. Great research areas there, I should dig those areas more to understand what is going on there!

Written by Ilteris Kaplan who still lives and works in New York. Twitter