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Final progress

November 25, 2005




I got the parts from Images SI url, I have two gear motors, 2 rubber wheels and one omnidirectional wheel as the front wheel.. I got the plate last week from canal street witht he u bracket and the rods so do I need anymore parts on a second thought… I guess I am quite allright, I just need the photocells, and I am going to buy it from NYU store so I am ready to start building the stuff.

I am goingto go and try to finish it tomorrow at least make it work in these two days, it looks easy and we will see.

So my goal is make it respond to the light sources around itself in a certain threshold, first goal.
By the way I have found a nice code about Braitelberg Devices and someone actually did this experiment in processing before and this guy is one of the guys that helped Casey Reas back in Whitney Exhibition Software Structures url He is William Ngan url.

So I am trying to improve the code, oh ye ah I am trying to understand it first to improve it :)
More to come.

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