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October 12, 2005

Actually without forgetting I have came up with this project from Finland. It looks like what I am looking for in terms of aeshtetic sense of the LEDs, if you dig further you will see that this project is a really nice game of which you can build shapes with your TileToy.

I have emailed the Tuomo and learnt the spefics of the project, it seems they are going to publish the code and the schematics in the near future as he stated, also he gave me a tip controlling and programming 8x8 LED system. It is basically a MAX7219 LED display driver, I have just got the samples today, I need to dig this more, if I can figure out this proto sample code :sigh:

Oh one more thing, I really want this project to be a nice finished job so that I am thinking to order this LED display system as well from Nexus Machines, UK. We will see, to make the code work is the first step.

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