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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

First of all, I have found a new objective for me in processing, read a photo’s RGB values and recreate it on the canvas. I think it could be real fun and it might have interesting results as well. Try to imitate the wave length is still a goal. Secondly, I read Norman’s Emotional Design’s first chapter. It was fun, in certain points we are shoulder to shoulder but the thing is when someone calls him ‘we scientists’ I think my first impression points spent there :) But still he has interesting findings and beside they are not merely interesting, but also they are true and solid things about life. He just splits our recognition into 3 categories and person things why not 4 :) Still I needed to take some notes when reading it, because I am forgetting the sentences whatever :)

tomorrow 930 Pcomp.-

Reading Software&Art by Casey Reas

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Basically I really like the idea of interpreting what the artist has built and doing something towards over our interpretations, thus creating our own implementations, technically comments. I have learned that this has been started in music by Stockhausten, he was not only re-playing the notes, he was re-playing the structure of the piece and create a new piece unlike like traditional music.

Umberto Eco’s words at “Open Work” shows those;

“A number of recent pieces of instrumental music are linked by a common feature: the considerable autonomy left to the individual performer in the way he chooses to play the work. Thus, he is not merely free to interpret the composer’s instructions following his own discretion (which in fact happens in traditional music), but he must impose his judgement on the form of the piece. ”

More thoughts of Reas can be read here :

“A benefit of working with software structures instead of programming languages is that it places the work outside the current technological framework, which is continually becoming obsolete. Because a software structure is independent from a specific technology, it is possible to continually create manifestations of any software structure with current technology to avoid retrograde associations. “

My only drawback would be what exactly is a software structure if we think in terms of expression.

First Pic Program

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Great, I could program my first pic without any problems. Here is what I built below.


I used 4mhz crystal clock with 22pF capacitors to bang my chip which is programmed to get its portD.2 to get high and low between 500ms intervals. Secondly I added a switch to my circuit too setting one of the pins (portB.7 maybe) to input. I am still not clear with this input output thing. IO am going to ask it to Tom tomorrow at class. Whatever it is just looking great. You must have feel the pleasure when you make something work by its own. Now I should definitely brainstorm of what I can build with this. Lately I have been thinking to implement something using both networks and physical environment. Something that is getting some input from the web and giving some output pyhsically.


Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

Red’s presentation has just passed. It was a great experience from start to the finish, gathering ideas, tough discussions, great moments on the street, long editing hours, and finally today -the big day- just came and I must say I am pretty happy with the feedbacks we got. I am thinking to put the video online after I optimize it, just need few more days.

I must say beside it has been a great experience, my other classes came up to the situation where I haven’t even touched them-this blog is the prove.

So let’s continue from where we left.
First round, program your chip and plug it in the breadboard.

Power Breakdown

Friday, September 16th, 2005

What a two days it was. Two days ago in the morning I plugged my powerbook’s power adaptor and momentarly it died. I returned it to the NYU store and they told me they needed to send it to the apple and it would take 4-5 days to get the new one and they could not give me a temporary one instead of this. I could only stand to it for 2 days, 1 hour ago I just went back there and bought a new one. Not much options, I have a plan b though,sssshhhhhh :)

So in these two days I once again understood how I am dependent on computers, sad to say. That’s why I need to have two computers at least :P

Physical Comp round 2

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005


Above, you see our tiny-or not- little cutie chippy’s diagram that is going to be around for the rest of my ITP period and more. Here is the datasheet link (5mb) from MicroChip site. Basically it has 40 pins with 5 ports and one of them are both analog and digital if I am not wrong. It has 32k memory in other words can do 16384 cycles. I am going to ask this on physical comp wiki.

Physical Comp 101

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Last Friday I headed to soldering workshop which Carlyn was giving, actually it was an useful one, I spent the day at the shop playing with stuff. Before coming to ITP, I tought myself some basic electronics to get familiar with concepts and names and I must say they were really valuable to me to grasp what is going on here.


The setup is pretty there actually. I got my resistor connected to the side-row to make it powered since resistor is coming right from the output of the regulator. So I have this +5v and ground on next to each other on side. Next, I put a basic on/off switch to control it through first LED couples. Those LEDs are parallel to each other. You are going to notice that I am not using a resistor with those LEDs, honestly I wasn’t sure that I should use until Tom told me that because I am getting the power through a resistor at first, I am directly lowering the voltage thus preventing LEDs to blow up. The approach should be using a resistor for each LED.

Other than that in the middle of the board I connected as pot to the circuit to try how it is going to respond with those LEDs, as you will see there are three connectors coming with the potentiometer that are +,- and information. Information helps us changing the resistance in the potentiometer resulting able to change the brightness of the light.

Those lessons are learned for now. Still behind my schedule more to come.

hello world

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

I am going to give you one piece of advice about MT, don’t ever try to upgrade to version 3.2x, it is a pain in the neck. Having spent countless hours on that, here is what you want to do if your preview and save buttons not working when you enter a new entry, just replace your mt-static folder and clear your cache. This will solve it. Whatever I have a fresh blog right now, and I am not going to play with it anymore.

So let’s begin; hello world!
Oh by the way you can follow of Dedi’s great guide on installing MT on your web space at ITP. Here is the link. Today I met her personally, please keep those kind of valuable information posted Dedi.